Skorn I

 Skorn, known as Shinobilar in Gridman, is a ninja-based virus from Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Skorn IEdit

  • Sparks: From his hands, Skorn can shoot electrical sparks.
  • Katanas: Being skilled in martial arts, Skorn can weild duel katanas with ease.
  • Illusion Clones: Being a ninja, Skorn can create clones of himself.

Skorn IIEdit

  • Kusarigama: After being reformatted, Skorn's katanas now where a kusarigama, which he can use expertly.

Kung Fu SkornEdit

  • Nunchucks: After being reformatted for the third time, Shinobilar's weapon became nunchucks, which he did not use in battle.
  • Martial Arts: Being more physical now, Shinobilar has mastered kung fu.



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